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Intended to respond to the requirements of armed forces, police and other para-military corps in their logistic deployments, in national territory as well as international operations, in remote areas or places with difficult access.

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Tailor-made logistic solutions for all types of civil organizations in peace, development and international cooperation missions, NGOs, as well as any public or private company and ministries that need to develop its activity in remote areas.

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As a fundamental human right, we aim our efforts to ensure that all our medical solutions have a high mobility, encompassing mobile units, rural offices, fixed and rapid deployment mobile hospitals, specialized infrastructure or telemedicine.

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Prioritizing attention in reducing the impact of catastrophes among the population, our emergency infrastructure is equipped with high availability and operational capacity. Your alert must be resolved urgently and our systems are prepared for it.

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From water generation to waste water treatment. Blue water cycle.

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Mobile Field Solutions

In ARPA EMC we have 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, deployment, maintenance and management of mobile field solutions.

We have projects in more than 50 countries. Made in Spain, all our equipment is supported by its high useful life and the great quality of the materials used in its manufacturing. Our designs are tailor made and can be adapted to specific needs in every situation.

We supply mobile field solutions for different international organizations and armed forces worldwide such as United Nations, US marine force, Brazilian Army, the Chilean and Argentine Armed Forces and Spanish Armed forces among others. From our logistic headquarters in Spain we have the capacity to work worldwide in any situation.

We have the most demanding certificates of quality, fulfilling with the regulation and specifications that mark ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004. In addition, our company also possesses the BORN certificate of the procedure NATO of quality PECAL/AQAP 2110 and 2130. That is what makes ARPA EMC a leading company in this sector and the perfect choice to entrust the manufacture, design and deployment of mobile field solutions everywhere in the world.

In ARPA EMC we work in different areas, which allow us to have a wide range of options for every need. We are experts in the development of full projects for the Defense, Health, Civilian and Emergencies sectors.

Defense and military equipment:

We do specific works for defense Campaigns, offering logistics solutions for armed forces, military and para-military forces, etc... Our expertise in modular construction allows us to offer long-term housing solutions for civilian and military camps.

Mobile Health Solutions:

We take care of the design, deployment and maintenance of field hospitals, camps and any other solution that we offer. In addition, we supply every piece of equipment needed for health, we emphasize mobile units and rural medicine projects, modular construction for single or double storey hospitals. If you want to know more about our company ,click on contact below.


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