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field hospitalsFIELD HOSPITALS
  • • Basic Vital Support
  • • Injured Transport from the Warfare
  • • Sanitary Prevention Measures
  • • Treatment of Minor Injuries
  • • Evacuation from ROLE I
  • • Reanimation, Triage, Surgery, Stabilization...
  • • Ready to Evacuate
  • • Basic Laboratory and Radiology Modules
  • • Attention to Stress in Combat
  • • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • • Specialist Diagnostic Resources
  • • Specialist Surgical and Medical Capabilities
  • • Preventive Medicine
  • • Food Inspection
  • • Odontology
  • • Ophthalmology
  • • Gynecology
  • • Other specialities
military field hospital
Role I Role II Role III

Field hospitals from ROLE I to ROLE III

In ARPA EMC we are specialists in the design, manufacture, deployment and maintenance of rapid deployment field hospitals. Turnkey projects supplied with the most technological equipment, enabling efficient construction of tents, on truck, on container, on air platforms, mobile units or integrations between several systems.

Designed from scratch, we control every step of production to assure the best quality in all our deployments. Our differentiation is marked by our quality and experience.

What is a field hospital?

A field Hospital offers support and medical attention to injuries and health problems in warzones, military conflicts, natural disasters, displacement of people and emergencies. Mobile units and modular construction ambulatories are used to give support or complete sanitary services in rural areas where there are no medical specialties. Basically, it’s a mobile structure designed to offer fast sanitary services as a transitory or permanent solution.

High Quality and rapid deployment hospitals

In situations that need an agile and functional response, our engineering department will adapt the design to the requirements and the specific needs in every case.

Our field hospitals are easy to transport and deploy, always key in hand. We adapt the project to the geographical conditions and the facilities available in destination.

Customized Solutions

The technology and quality applied in our field hospitals allow us to offer multiple construction and assembling alternatives:

Facilities and sanitary equipment

A field hospital must be ready for work as soon as it’s deployed. That’s why we offer the best and most technological equipment ready to be used.

The interiors of a field hospital are designed to make the most of its space. Major capacity and comfort. SEE THE INTERIOR OF A HOSPITAL IN THIS VIRTUAL TOUR. SEE A HOSPITAL INSIDE.

This system of modular construction allows to have diverse specialized areas of work, which allows improving the medical attention to the persons who enter to the hospital of campaign.

These modular areas of the hospital are designed and equipped to offer support to the attention and treatment, obtaining total separation between them, and allowing to the specialists to centre on his own area of work.

Field hospital services:

The furniture and the equipment provided have the certifications needed to provide safe and risk-free health care.

Our field hospitals designs are always adapted to your requirements. Contact us for further information.


room of our field hospital

Ophtalmology room from ARPA military field hospital