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Modular construction housing
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Low pressure tent Medium pressure tent High pressure tent Tubular structure Aluminium structure Hangar Modular construction housing Modular construction multipurpose Modular construction office & residence Logistic warehouse Modular construction health & housing Modular construction health & housing Container solutions 1:12 Container solutions 2:24 Container solutions 3:36

Modular construction

Modular construction solutions for temporary or permanent buildings: Tents, containers, offices, etc...

Modular construction buildings grant a practical and efficient solution when constructing infrastructures for a fast housing response. The systems are suitable for long or short-term housing deployments.

Lightweight and heavyweight tents, mobile units, all kind of containers; prefabricated construction for maritime transport or expandable containers, as well as different modular construction methodologies designed to create ephemeral or permanent installations.

Development and design in modular building systems

Our modular construction models are designed to be deployed in situ, giving a fast response to transitory housing, storage or office needs. Our structure proposals are designed to be connected through modular construction, a fast and reliable response is guaranteed for long, short, temporary or permanent terms.

Designed and manufactured in Spain by our professional personnel, with high quality and durable materials, they can be transported and installed everywhere in the world. This is one of the advantages of the modular construction system.

The design reduces space during transportation, making the most of the loading space by land, maritime or aerial transport.

The modular construction solutions that we offer in ARPA are manufactured in lightweight and rigid materials and we design the project adapted to the needs of the customer and the geographical and climatological conditions where the project is going to be deployed.

If it’s about a short-term duration campaign, our light and heavy tents are a fast and reliable choice.

Our modular construction designs are adapted to corporative, operational or personal needs. It’s a very convenient choice for a fast construction of a private house, second residence or social housing. We also design and manufacture modular construction solutions on container, which can be attached to tents with tubular or aluminum structures. We always offer the best solutions with our recognized quality.

Why choose ARPA housing solutions?

  • Personalized advice.
  • Wide range of housing solutions.
  • Easy to transport and deploy.
  • Adapted to the requirements and conditions of the project.
  • Key in hand housing solutions. From design to maintenance.
  • Connection compatibility among them.
  • The infrastructures can be adapted in size depending on the needs.
  • Multiple option of sizes diminishes according to the needs.
  • Rigid and light options.
  • Reusables.
  • Multiple choice in sizes.
  • Contact us and get more information about our modular system construction.
  • High quality and resistant materials.
  • High quality guaranteed.

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