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Modular Hospitals

We are experts in the design of modular hospital infrastructures, capable of providing effective solutions in the desired location. We can even build hospitals or clinics by modules of up to more than one height.

We design integral sanitary buildings, equipped with all the necessary material for a complete medical attention, with accommodation capacity for residents, permanent hospitalization...

Experience and professionalism

We have built modular hospitals in more than 50 countries throughout the world, the manufacture of our panels and modules is carried out in Spain, the high quality of our materials guarantees a long-life service.

At ARPA, we design and deploy your hospital from scratch, so you can choose our series of pre-defined modular solutions, or design a personalized hospital based on your requirements and needs.

The construction project is totally directed by ARPA staff and begins with making a concrete floor in the desired location. Subsequently all the building components are installed in a coordinated manner by our staff, at the same time we train the local staff for the subsequent maintenance of the facilities.

Our company has specialists in all the required areas, we have equipment for plumbing, electricity, sanitation, etc. We take care of the design and the total execution, to provide you with the best construction guarantee in timing and agreed deadline.

All the complementary facilities such as generators, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing and sanitation, medical gases, vacuum ... is designed, manufactured, supplied and installed by ARPA, training the local personnel that will operate this equipment continuously.

Efficient space distribution

The interior of our hospitals will provide an ideal space for patient care. Comfort for the staff and the displacement of stretchers and wheelchairs. There are independent rooms that provide the necessary privacy for the health care of each patient.

We take advantage of natural light, achieving maximum lighting for all rooms and reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

The quality of our walls and floors is certified to guarantee an optimal result for the people health care, facilitating also its deep cleaning, disinfection and maintenance.

Ask us any questions that may arise about the modular and field hospitals of ARPA EMC, we will be happy to assist you.