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Mobile Campaign Equipment
Health infrastructure for emergencies


Hospitals for health campaigns and awarness campaigns. Turnkey rapid deployment field hospitals provided with the most technological equipment, making possible its efficient construction in tents, trucks, containers, aerial platforms, mobile units or integrations between several of them. Designed from scratch, we have control on every step of the process to ensure the best quality in all our deployments. Our differentiation is marked by our quality.

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mobile medical trucks


Mobile Units of general medicine or specialties in all types of vehicles. Specialties on truck, E-Health, Prevention and awareness campaigns, Diagnosis and crisis situations.

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modular hospital


Integral infrastructure solutions and medical equipment.

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rural healthcare


The main goal of a rural medicine project is to offer healthcare in an integral, respectful, equitable and humane way, to people who are farthest from the traditional health centers.

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military health infrastructure


Energy, WASH, housing, waste, logistics, feeding, health and Techcom

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Infrastructure and health equipment

We have 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture, deployments and maintenance of infrastructures and health equipment.

Our projects are completely adapted to the requirements and needs of our customers. This allows us to give a fast and effective solution to health care wherever it is needed.

We manufacture in Spain and we are present in more than 50 countries. The solutions we offer are an excellent choice for an emergency situation as well as for longer periods of time or even deployments for ephemeral professional activities.

Health emergencies

When time and safety are pressing, ARPA will be there to cover all your logistic needs. Our field logistic solutions can be in modular construction, on containers, or tents, key in hand with all the medical equipment ready to be used.

Infrastructure and rural health teams

For those villages which are far away from the main cities, our modular solutions for taking medical care of people will give you a fast, reliable and efficient construction with the possibility to choose from one of our designs or a personalized design that can cover all your needs and budget.

We deploy wherever it is needed with our most accurate solutions to offer alternatives of modular construction to give a quick answer to the needs for ambulatories, hospitals or any kind of building needed for the treatment and attention of medical needs.

Also, we have qualified personnel able to offer solutions and to install equipment related to water treatment, waste water management, energy and air conditioning.

Rural medicine projects

Our company will provide the design and logistics to efficiently perform the best rural medicine network for your project.

Our company also offers maintenance and management services for its health and social infrastructure.

The distance of the urban centers from the villages needs to stop being used as an excuse for not being able to provide quality care to population. Our 50 years of experience in the sector and the quality of our materials guarantees a solution and logistic design to match your needs.

Mobile units for health

Designed to bring health care attention quickly and effectively. Our mobile units are tailored to your requirements and will allow you to have a transitory extension for a preventive and informative campaign, such as a consultation of medical specialties or even an ambulance to support your health centers.

Infrastructure complements

ARPA offers you the best solutions and complements to improve the functionality and capabilities of infrastructures and the health equipment deployed, providing facilities of complementary professional equipment such as:


health infrastructure