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ARPA’s team shares the vision of leading the research and development of solutions to improve people’s lives. Since 1968 we continue reaching excellence through innovation.

Our mission is to design and manufacture sustainable solutions that change, or at least improve, the life of those who use them. Integral solutions, innovative and fast deployment to give support to any activity of any operator anywhere. We go where nobody goes.

The team of people who conforms the company shares the values of commitment, innovation, excellency, reliability and versatility.

The work is done aiming to get the maximum social benefit and corporate from responsibility, betting for quality and the satisfaction of our main interest groups: employees, clients, stakeholders, providers, users, and society in general.

We reach providing valuable solutions that overcome the clients expectative, through our competences, new technologies and the quality in all the process, to guarantee a sustainable supply chain, compromised with the final product and the environment.